5th All Azimuth Workshop: “Self-Reflection Time for the Periphery”…

The 5th All Azimuth Workshop was organized online by the Center for Foreign Policy and Peace Research on December 12-13, 2020.

This year’s annual workshop, entitled “Self-Reflection Time for the Periphery: Reclaiming IR from the Core,” examined the Global IR debate from the perspective of the Global South. Despite the preoccupation with exclusionary practices in the core, there are pathologies unique to the production and dissemination of IR knowledge in the global periphery. Scholars in the Global South have agency and not only reproduce exclusionary patterns in the discipline but potentially hold the key to bringing about a genuinely Global IR. In other words, in this 5th workshop, participants broadly discussed about what IR scholars in the Global South can do to overcome their relative exclusion from the IR mainstream. The program featured three panels and a roundtable discussion during which the participating scholars discussed:

  • Diagnosing IR’s Global Problems
  • Transcending the Limits of Global IR
  • Local Reverberations of IR

The papers presented at this workshop will be published in the Center’s journal All Azimuth.

Speaker Bios

Workshop Program