Author’s Guideline

Authors’ Guideline:

Manuscripts submitted for consideration by the Journal must follow the style given below. The manuscripts should not be submitted simultaneously to any other publication, nor may they have been previously published elsewhere, in English. However, articles that are published previously in another language but updated or improved can be submitted. For such articles, the author(s) will be responsible in seeking the required permission for copyright.


  • Papers should be written in a considerable level of academic English.
  • Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced in Times New Roman font, 12 points.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted either as Microsoft Word document file or Open Office Writer file.
  • Each article must be accompanied by an abstract of approximately 200 words.
  • Authors are asked to propose maximum 5 keywords.
  • There is no absolute word limit for the All Azimuth; we recommend, however a maximum of 9000 words including footnotes and bibliography.
  • References should be given both in the footnotes and in the bibliography. Reference style must conform to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please see the style for examples.
  • The section titles and subtitles in the manuscripts should be numbered. (i.e. 1. Introduction, 2. Title Xxx, 2.1. Subtitle xxx, etc.)
  • If there are any tables, graphs and figures, they have to be included in the submitted main text file. Graphs and figures should be in one of the usual formats, at best in GIF or BMP format; please make sure that the graphics are small enough to fit an A4 page.
  • The tables, graphs and figures should be numbered consecutively for each and should match the same numbering used in the text.



Manuscripts must be submitted via: Submission Form