Peace Talk : Young Scholar Series


We are delighted to announce a new talk series by FPPR: ‪PeaceTalk‬. Similar in organization to our established BISS seminars, PeaceTalk is oriented towards disseminating research findings of young scholars and promoting their academic achievement. We welcome scholars, who emphasize an empirical approach to studying international politics and share a normative concern for promoting peace.

Just as BISS seminars serve to promote linkages between policy and research, the PeaceTalks is particularly research oriented and enhance links between younger scholars and the wider academia. Focusing on innovative research, the peace talks series aims to

a) promote dissemination of latest research.

b) expand its research network to younger generation of scholars.

c) promote publication of latest research.

The Speakers

We particularly look for young scholars who would like to

a) present the preliminary findings of a recent/ongoing research project (including but not limited to PhD dissertations)

b) discuss the data collection and analysis methods

c) receive feedback from their colleagues on their research, and

d) enhance their academic network for further research collaboration

FPPR covers travel expenses of speakers from outside Ankara.

The Audience

The audience of peace talks consists of researchers, graduate students as well as policy makers.

The Venue

The talks will take place at lunch time, in Bilkent University G building seminar room (G160). Lunchtime snacks and refreshments will be served.

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