Dr. Onur Erpul – Senior Researcher

Dr. Erpul earned his B.A. (2009) and M.A. (2012) in International Relations at Bilkent University and earned his Ph.D. at Florida International University (2019). His dissertation examines, by way of exploring the grand strategies of the U.S. and China in the post-Cold War period, under what circumstances states will challenge, uphold, or reform international order. His research interests include the formation and consequent institutional trajectories of states, changes (and sometimes persistence) in the way foreign policy elites give meaning to their environments, and why states employ self-defeating strategies. Erpul’s research agenda also extends to curiosities regarding epistemic hierarchies in the IR discipline. Erpul’s publications have appeared in International Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Southeast European & Black Sea Studies Journal.

Dr. Erpul is a member of the editorial board of our Center’s journal: All Azimuth: A Journal of Foreign Policy and Peace.