Seminar: “The New Generation Cold War”

We were pleased to cohost with Bilkent University’s IR Department, H. E. Retired Ambassador Namık Tan. In his talk entitled “The New Generation Cold War”, Tan deliberated on the future of world politics and shared his experiences as a diplomat.

Ambassador Tan’s speech compares Cold War geopolitics of the 20th century with the emergence of the present international security architecture. For Tan, the Liberal World Order is facing a coalition of actors that have coalesced around the West’s authoritarian adversaries during the Cold War. The problems of the liberal order have disenchanted some political elements in the core members of the liberal order. This has fomented the rise of political populism and populist leaders in the West, and enabled pathways of illiberal solidarity that are shaping the contours of a new Cold War. Russia’s recent behaviors, meanwhile, have served only to increase tensions as previously neutral states have begun exploring ways to balance Russia, further aggravating tensions.

Tan concluded his talk by attempting to locate Turkey and assess its role in this new generation Cold War.