Event Data Workshop December 2-4, 2011

In partnership with the Intelligence Studies Research Center (ISRC), The Center for Foreign Policy and Peace Research (FPPR) organized a three-day workshop on Event Data research methodology in Istanbul from 2 to 4 December 2011.


Charles Taylor, Virginia Tech University

Curtis Signorino, University of Rochester

James Yonamine, Pennsylvania State University

Jan Oskar Engene, University of Bergen

Joseph Bond, Virtual Research Associates

Sean O’Brien, Strategic Analysis Enterprises

William Lowe, University of Mannheim

After welcoming speeches by Dr. Musa Tüzüner, Director of the ISRC, and Dr. Ersel Aydınlı, Deputy Director and General Coordinator at the FPPR, the first day of the workshop began with speakers reflecting upon and discussing the ways in which “Event Data” can be used as a method in foreign policy analysis. The workshop was divided into three major sessions. First, an introduction to event data methodology in terms of statistical analysis, source reliability, and coding events was covered in detail. Next, speakers presented sample works on how to use event data in terrorism and social movement studies, and for monitoring and forecasting crises.

Finally, on December 3rd, Dr. Aydınlı moderated a roundtable discussion on “Quantifying Security Studies and Foreign Policy Analysis in Turkey”. The discussion was aimed at exploring different ways of responding to the challenges confronted in foreign policy studies, and also provided a platform for participants to discuss the necessity of increasing and diversifying Turkish foreign policy studies, in light of Turkey’s rising regional and global role. Participant scholars not only exchanged views on the effective use of quantitative studies in foreign policy analysis, but also considered the idea of starting a study group with respect to event data methodology.


Özgür Özdamar (Bilkent University), Pınar İpek (Bilkent University), Cengiz Erişen (TOBB University of Economics and Technology),  Balkan Devlen (Izmir University of Economics), Reşat Bayer (Koc University) Ertan Efegil (Sakarya University), Haluk Özdemir (Kırıkkale University), Gökhan Moral (Communication and Spectrum Management Research Center), Osman Dolu (Turkish National Police Academy); Tamer Köksal (Turkish National Police), Cihangir Baycan (Turkish National Police), Erkan Sezgin (Turkish National Police), Şener Uludağ  (Turkish National Police), Zakir Gül (Turkish National Police), Halil Baltacı (Turkish National Police), Muhittin Karakaya (Turkish National Police Academy)

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